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Sereni clay roof tiles meet the most demanding requirements for colour, texture and profile. But a roof is not just roof tiles. That is why we introduced the “Roof System”, a product and service philosophy: the roof has to be a complete and comprehensive system, designed and manufactured to be reliable and long-lasting, where all components and accessories are easy to install and fit perfectly together. All our products are tested at our R&D Center in Germany and meet the highest quality standards complying with, and often exceeding, the requirements set by the norms.

We offer a tailor-made service, with a team of professionals with a sound experience in export markets.


Via Roma, 1
25040 Borgonato di C.F. (BS) - I
Tel.+39 030 98 97 515
Fax + 39 030 98 44 75


Deliveries: our products are sold on an ex-works basis from our different sites. Different Incoterms rules must be agreed with the export office of Monier in advance.